FREE Live Interactive Training!

Diagnostic Strategy Discussion August 11th 7PM Est.

In this class we will go over the steps that are taken during a proper diagnosis. This is a high level overview of the process that successful technicians and shops perform to have the best end result. I will host open discussion for those who would like to participate. This class is great for all members of your team!  Sign up Here.

PAID Classes

August 18th 7pm Est.  $80

This class is interactive and will cover the basics through many of the more advanced functions of Pico Scope automotive software. Class Size is limited to 8 participants. A dual monitor set up or other way of viewing the demonstrations while having the ability to work with the provided real world captures.  Please contact me if you have any questions about this class!  We have a had  a huge positive response from this class since moving it to a online format. If you click on the link above or Here  to contact me we can discuss the class and what to expect.

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