Brian Mann Instructor, ASE Certified Master Auto Technician,
L1, MACS 609 Certified

I grew up with a curiosity of how things work and a fascination with cars. From an early age I had my sights set on becoming an auto mechanic. I have been an automotive technician since 1996 working at new car dealers until 2001. From there the change to aftermarket repair shops was a chance to gain more experience with a wide variety of manufacturers.  Blessed to be working at a shop that promoted training on a regular basis, I was introduced to the basics of J2534 programming in 2010. In early 2011, after much prayerful consideration I took the plunge and went into the mobile programming and diagnostic business. The next 6 years were an excellent learning environment that honed my problem solving, management, and electrical testing skills. In 2017 this business was acquired by a national company and I worked there for a little over a year. My biggest take away over 7 years of personally working in nearly a 1,000 shops with thousands of technicians was the glaring lack of basic electrical knowledge and advanced testing techniques. 

I started Hands-On Auto Training in January 2019. My goal is to help technicians learn by teaching in a way that is relatable to them.  Many technicians learn by doing, not just by reading or watching. I make a point of finding ways to present material in a way that students can apply in class or right away when they get back to the shop environment.

There are many people that I have had the chance to work with that have helped me with my success over the last 9 years. I have been privileged to have the chance to learn from, work with, and develop many rewarding relationships over this time. I will not list names for confidentiality, but you know who you are.  Most of all I thank God for the breath in my lungs and the chance to live, learn, and share every day.

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