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Pico helps determine wrong engine installed in vehicle

I had the opportunity to do some training at a shop that had a crank no start on a 2018 Nissan Versa. This vehicle only had 9k on the clock but apparently was a salvage or something of that nature as the dealer would not warranty any repairs. It had a engine and new ECM installed per the dealers recommendation. Our initial testing [...]


2008 Chevy Aveo Timing check by scoping Crank and Cam

It does not take long to scope out a cam and crank signal. This vehicle was running really rough and stalling at times. PCM codes P0300 and P0172.  Fuel trim -25 running rich, timing belt was off. Note that I used the IATN to locate known good and bad patterns. IATN stated that from the rising edge of the CAM signal there should [...]


Pico WPS 500x 1st use

Ok, so I purchased a pressure transducer from Autonerdz.com(great customer service BTW) to complement my Pico Scope. Would you believe I had chance to try out in-cylinder pressure testing within 24 hours of its arrival? wps500x I was thrown a soft ball if you will. 2005 Jeep with a 4.7 misfire, quickly amp ramped the coil = good and tested injector voltage= good [...]


Hands On Auto Training

Recognizing the need in the automotive repair industry for hands-on electrical training, I have decided to make myself available for the task!  2019 we will be launching Hands On Auto Training.