Free Training Classes 4/20 &4/24

Hello Everyone! Due to the huge demand for the Free Electrical class I will be doing it once again Live on Monday 4/20/2020 1pm Eastern time. This is a basic class that would benefit newer technicians along with techs that need a refresher. This is part of a larger class that I have shortened  to under 1 hour. questions and comments are welcome! [...]


Pico Scope interactive live training class

This class starts out by covering the basics of the Pico Scope Automotive software and moves into using the power of the Pico scope to analyze real world captures. Participants should have Pico 6 Automotive software installed on a pc. A dual monitor set up is helpful however not absolutely required to allow follow along and manipulation and measurement of wave forms. Cost [...]


Snap On Scope class 10/24/2019

We are having a introduction to snap on based scopes. Our last electrical class went very well! We had many request for scope classes. The most request were for Snap On based scopes, classes on other platforms to come in the future. Covering the basics of navigation menus and settings as they apply to Snap On, to getting a wave form on your [...]


Electrical Training

  Hello all! Brian Mann will be instructing a training class on the 26th of September. Pizza and refreshments provided. Bring your meter if you have one, meters will be available for use if you do not bring your own. This class will be a refresher of the basics including some theory and multi meter basics, with a explanation of the way that [...]


Pico helps determine wrong engine installed in vehicle

I had the opportunity to do some training at a shop that had a crank no start on a 2018 Nissan Versa. This vehicle only had 9k on the clock but apparently was a salvage or something of that nature as the dealer would not warranty any repairs. It had a engine and new ECM installed per the dealers recommendation. Our initial testing [...]


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