July 2021

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day. Summer 2021 is in full swing!  Be sure to drop a line and let me know what challenges your shop has been facing in the heat.


Have you completed the Essential Electricity for Automotive Technician’s course?  Reviews are coming in and this course is helping many techs get a better grasp on the basics!  This is the same material that I present when live and In person, however you have the convenience of working through lessons at your leisure. IF you are not a Core member here is a code to get signed up for 1 month free then have access for $10 / month this code will only be good through the end of July 2021

Enter this code on check out:       july2021   at https://courses.handsonautotraining.com/bundles/Core

In our last Premium member meeting, we learned some basics about the 555 timer IC. This chip is amazing as it has been around for so many years and continues to be a part of many electronic devices.  A video is going to be provided to ALL members & my YouTube channel showing the 3 modes of the 555, this is a very easy demonstration that can help you understand the relationship of  Resistance and Capacitance (RC) circuits.

The next premium member meeting is scheduled for July 29th 2020 @ 8Pm and we will be discussing the basics of Fuel Trims. Next to a lack of understanding when it comes to basic electricity, not understanding fuel trims is the largest cause of misdiagnosis and frustration for technicians. I will be working on a new course to share with Core and Premium members as I wok to learn the pitfalls that techs suffer from the most when it comes to fuel trims.


Recently added Lessons to the core and premium site:

Pico Scope triggers

Pico Scope reference wave forms and scope views

Basic electronic components Inductors

STAY TUNED More lessons coming soon!

Be sure to check out https://handsonautotraining.com/ for more information!  Have a safe and fun Summer!

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