I had the opportunity to do some training at a shop that had a crank no start on a 2018 Nissan Versa.

This vehicle only had 9k on the clock but apparently was a salvage or something of that nature as the dealer would not warranty any repairs. It had a engine and new ECM installed per the dealers recommendation.

Our initial testing revealed cranking RPM on the scantool with no DTC’s stored. No spark or injector pulse present I decided to scope the Cam and Crank signals along with In Cylinder pressure just to see if anything obvious.


The above patterns had shown us a few things:

  1. The Cam and Crank sensors had proper powers and grounds.
  2. Compression was present, and the exhaust valve was opening near 150 degrees ATDC, which is good.

What we did not know was if the timing was correct. Luckily we had a known good vehicle of the same year make and model to get  good pattern off of.   Below you can see the  totally different cam signals.

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