This class starts out by covering the basics of the Pico Scope Automotive software and moves into using the power of the Pico scope to analyze real world captures. Participants should have Pico 6 Automotive software installed on a pc. A dual monitor set up is helpful however not absolutely required to allow follow along and manipulation and measurement of wave forms. Cost is $75 per person, expect class time of at least 3 hours.

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Class size is limited to 7 participants.

We will cover:

  • Pico Scope basics including
    • Understanding how time base and samples per buffer affect  sample rate and sample interval
    • Rulers (Time/Freq/RPM,  Signal, Rotation)
    • File functions
    • Triggers
    • Avoid what has been termed “the pico gap”
  • Pico Advanced functions including
    • Measurements
    • Math Channels
    • Adding scope views / dual screen
    • Reference waveforms
    • Serial Decoding

My goal is to help technicians better understand how to comfortably and confidently use their Pico Scope.